I enjoyed the questions that were posed in this video, especially “Do you ever censor yourself online”. This was in the comment section below the video:

“Interesting that none of them considered what others posted about them part of their identity. A simple search will reveal not only what you say online, but what others say about you in much more clarity than in the “in person” world.”

I wonder how many of us equate posts from others as contributing to our own digital identity. I certainly don’t, but I also am interested in who posts comments around videos, images, and tweets I put out and why some don’t.

This video also reminded me of a tweet from the summer. I asked twitter what people they follow. I was interested to see if individuals follow other like minded people, or if some people they follow have very opposing views and may challenge thought processes. Personally I don’t follow anyone that has drastically opposed views on topics from myself. I wonder I followed others that had differing views would change what I posted, or change how I viewed ideas.

My Digital Identity

I currently use the following spaces to interact online.

1. Twitter @oblongsquare

2. Instagram @oblongsquare

3. Facebook

4. Google: Communities and YouTube

5. Untappd (Beer Community)

6. Professional Blog

7. Vimeo

8. Website: http://oblongsqr.wix.com/main

My blog is used for completing assignments in my MEd program. I have not used it for any other purpose. I also use Google Communities for the same ends, with the exception of a community set up for my Biology 12 classroom. Twitter is primarily used to as a PLN tool. I am not extremely savvy in this regard, but I am endeavouring to become better. I also link my Instagram account to twitter and pictures and video I put up there is from both my professional and personal life. Vimeo and Youtube accounts are set up for uploading personal short films I make that I enter into local film festivals. Although I have not used these accounts much for school, I am brainstorming an idea to create an online learning environment that links outdoor education and curriculum (Adventure Learning). My website is a personal project. When my best friend passed away, I vowed to become better at photography and do more with that area as he was a huge influence on my love of that art form. Untappd is entirely personal and is a way to connect with craft beer enthusiasts and learn about new beers. My Facebook account is purely personal. I have friends who post interesting items I have used for research and reposted to Twitter, but I do not use it as a PLN.

During this semester in my MEd, I have been tasked with improving my PLN. My goal is to begin a better network of outdoor education people. I have lurked in the #enviroed chat, but need to do a better job at interacting with individuals who share the same passion for the outdoors as I do.