I have had a wonderful time learning with my fellow #tiegrad cohort this term. At times it has been a struggle to keep up with all the wonderful personal adventures everyone has had along with attempting to grow my PLN. I have met a few people via twitter that I have followed and interacted with on a limited basis, but I have come to realize that the community of learners within the #tiegrad program is so rich, diverse, and prolific that I find myself following them more than trying to find new individuals at this point in my PLN journey. The course this term has allowed me to “Shed my Shell” and become more comfortable sharing ideas online. I know there is more to come and I look forward to continued growth in my learning sharing.

As for my learning project this term, I was able to complete a beer brewing process all the way from the initial grain mash in to bottle conditioning the beer. It only has a few more days to go before it is ready to consume and I am excited to see how it turned out. I learned quite a bit about the brewing process over the term, from the different temperatures required to extract sugars from the grains and allow for optimal conditions for yeast to be active to the different reasons you introduce hops at varied times in the boil process. The beer brewed this term is from a recipe called May the 4th be with you and is a C3PAle that will be very aromatic, moderately hoppy, and on the low side of alcohol content (4.9%). I look forward to the first taste.

The creativity of the various #tiegrad learning artifacts has been very inspirational. I feel most comfortable behind the camera and as a result have created a video artifact that demonstrates some of my learning this term as well as a summary of my learning project. I hope you enjoy it.