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During our EDCI569 course with @courosa this term we have been given the opportunity to build/enhance our personal learning network. I have been a twitter user for a few years, but have not done a very good job of using it effectively in professional development until very recently. The community I interact with the most is my fellow #tiegrad cohort I am currently completing my MEd with. I have only branched out in a limited way from tweets that I read from these individuals, but the meaningful connections that must be made to create a useful PLN have not occurred. A tweet that crossed my phone a while ago from @ChrisWejr had me thinking about how I use twitter and stated (to my fuzzy recollection) that individuals need to provide meaningful contributions to the twitter universe. It began my thinking about how I interact with the twitter medium. I use it to post links to blog entries and reposting interesting links or comments from others. I tend to lurk around a few chat groups (#outdoored, #bcedchat), but have found the format to date difficult to engage with in a way that I find meaningful. I recently found a post from Debbie Morrison on how to create a robust and meaningful PLN and her suggestions revolved around engaging with MOOC’s and interacting with a limited number of people within that environment. I see this as a good way to begin engaging with others that are (hopefully) in a similar frame of mind regarding educational practices. I think this is also a good way of tackling a daunting twitter chat where many contributors can leave me feeling overwhelmed. I do like to go back and scan the chat after it has happened because I have troubles with the wealth of information shared in the moment. Maybe this is a result of viewing this on my phone and I need to become better at using a proper app to apply filters to the conversations (if that is possible?). I like the suggestion by Debbie, in her post, to engage in Blog commenting. I find the less dynamic nature of blogs easier to handle. By that I guess I mean the asynchronous nature that allows me to read, digest and respond to the post without feeling pressure to initiate conversation in the moment within the very limited character number that twitter allows. I will continue to venture on and improve my skills in creating my PLN. My goal is to connect with one person this week that has used the #outdoored feed and has posted something that is in line with my thoughts regarding education and the outdoor environment.


I enjoyed the questions that were posed in this video, especially “Do you ever censor yourself online”. This was in the comment section below the video:

“Interesting that none of them considered what others posted about them part of their identity. A simple search will reveal not only what you say online, but what others say about you in much more clarity than in the “in person” world.”

I wonder how many of us equate posts from others as contributing to our own digital identity. I certainly don’t, but I also am interested in who posts comments around videos, images, and tweets I put out and why some don’t.

This video also reminded me of a tweet from the summer. I asked twitter what people they follow. I was interested to see if individuals follow other like minded people, or if some people they follow have very opposing views and may challenge thought processes. Personally I don’t follow anyone that has drastically opposed views on topics from myself. I wonder I followed others that had differing views would change what I posted, or change how I viewed ideas.

My Digital Identity

I currently use the following spaces to interact online.

1. Twitter @oblongsquare

2. Instagram @oblongsquare

3. Facebook

4. Google: Communities and YouTube

5. Untappd (Beer Community)

6. Professional Blog

7. Vimeo

8. Website:

My blog is used for completing assignments in my MEd program. I have not used it for any other purpose. I also use Google Communities for the same ends, with the exception of a community set up for my Biology 12 classroom. Twitter is primarily used to as a PLN tool. I am not extremely savvy in this regard, but I am endeavouring to become better. I also link my Instagram account to twitter and pictures and video I put up there is from both my professional and personal life. Vimeo and Youtube accounts are set up for uploading personal short films I make that I enter into local film festivals. Although I have not used these accounts much for school, I am brainstorming an idea to create an online learning environment that links outdoor education and curriculum (Adventure Learning). My website is a personal project. When my best friend passed away, I vowed to become better at photography and do more with that area as he was a huge influence on my love of that art form. Untappd is entirely personal and is a way to connect with craft beer enthusiasts and learn about new beers. My Facebook account is purely personal. I have friends who post interesting items I have used for research and reposted to Twitter, but I do not use it as a PLN.

During this semester in my MEd, I have been tasked with improving my PLN. My goal is to begin a better network of outdoor education people. I have lurked in the #enviroed chat, but need to do a better job at interacting with individuals who share the same passion for the outdoors as I do.